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Ethical Trade With Gifts From Africa

Potential new products for Kendrick Imports

Ethnic African Arts and Crafts

Ethnic African Arts and Crafts

Whilst in the local craft market in Natal South Africa this morning, we met Owen. He is working in Durban with his two brothers hand-making beaded crafts. Owen is originally from Zimbabwe and has most of his family there. By making his goods in South Africa and selling them in the craft market he is able to send money to his family back home to live on. He told me he prays every day that things will soon improve in Zimbabwe so that he can go back there to work and live.

The photo is of Owen. He is a charming man and when we met him, he was standing by his beaded items making more as he waited for customers to look. His only tools were his hands and a pair of pliers! Owen gave us a simple hand-made business card and is keen to supply us.

African Crafts

African Crafts

The things that Owen makes from beads and wire included

  • Gekkos (African Lizards) ranging from small key rings to larger ornaments and lamp shades.

  • Hanging mobiles made from wire and glass beads.

  • Ornamental flowers on wires

The photos show a quick taster of Owen’s hand made crafts. We will be bringing a wide range of samples back to the UK, and Owen is hoping we will be able to sell them so that he will be able to supply them to us and give him a better standard of living.

Ethically Traded Decorative Homewares

Ethically Traded Decorative Homewares

Watch out for more news soon and visit our website for other fairly traded products

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