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What CHAPEL Business Bag / Laptop Bag to buy?

Your laptop and tablet  will be a considerable investment and will be central to your business and social life for sure.  To keep them safe you will undoubtedly purchase a laptop bag or a business bag of some description.  Chapel have a great selection for you to choose from.

The style and type of bag will depend on your budget and personal preference but the following factors should be taken into account to make sure that you choose the right Chapel bag.

The bag should give your laptop / ipad a snug fit so that it does not move around too much during transportation.  The compartment that is designed for the laptop can be padded to protect your laptop from jolts and knocks.  You may have other compartments in the bag for papers etc.  The Chapel brief and Chapel double brief both have great padding for your laptop, along with several compartments and an outer zipped pocket.


If you will be walking in all weathers you may want to ensure a degree of water resistance.   Your choice of both outer material and lining will help you make the decision.  All Chapel Bags are 100% leather to offer protection against the rain.

The style of the bag is a mixture of personal preference and practicality.  A bag can enhance your professional appearance and make a statement about your personality.  Leather bags will cost more but have a much longer lifespan.  Some practical considerations are:

Shoulder strap – useful if carrying for any length of time. The Chapel Post Business bag  has an adjustable strap and has 3 compartments.  Very stylish.


The Chapel Backpacks are a good choice if you need two hands free for example on long journeys / air travel. The shoulder straps are padded and there is plenty of room inside.  The front pocket is great for additional documents.

ch_scout8 (1).jpg

How many zips do you need – some bags have 2 zips so that you can keep one section secure whilst opening another.  The Chapel Dual Brief has 2 zips.

Simplicity.  You may just want a leather padded sleeve for your laptop.  It will look sleek and professional and just hold your laptop.  The Chapel Laptop Sleeve comes in several sizes so that you can choose the one to fit your laptop exactly!


Whatever Business Bag you choose – you will not be disappointed with your CHAPEL bag.

Unique, stylish, chic with an African Heritage.


All bags hand made in Cape Town, South Africa and only imported by Kendrick Imports into the UK.

For more information call us on 0773 404 4815



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