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Rogue Boots and Spitting Cobras

It’s a well known fact that to prevent snake bites when walking in Africa you should wear boots…… and why not Rogue boots?  After all they are made in Africa for the African environment.

We have always told our children “watch where you are walking”, “take a torch with you”, “put on your boots” etc. etc. but last night whilst sitting around a fire cooking some meat there was a “kerfuffle” behind us.

The Jack Russel puppies were barking and jumping backwards under the tree behind us. Upon investigation a 60cm spitting cobra was seen raising itself up spitting at the dogs and spitting at them (its defence mechanism) and then retreated into its almost invisible hole in the ground.


One of the two pups had venom in their eyes which gives a burning sensation and causes inflammation.  The venom needs to be rinsed out with lots of water and after a couple of days the eyes should be back to normal with the dog learning a hard lesson about what to do when seeing a snake!

It was a good reminder lesson to us all as well that so close to the house lives a dangerous snake and that even when relaxing in the evening under a beautiful moon lit African sky, Rogue boots should still be the order of the day.

The Rogue Desert boot is a perfect choice as it is light-weight, comfortable and can be worn with or without socks.  Mental note to self….. pop mine on too tonight!


The whole range of Rogue boots are available in the UK from Kendrick Imports and prices include P&P.

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