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What is it about the Rogue RB5 boots that makes them so popular?

Rogue RB5 boots speak for themselves… the following are honest and true comments from our customers.

The great Rogue RB5 boot

“I have had these Rogue boots for about 18 months now and thoroughly recommend them to anyone who enjoys the outdoor life. I work in Kenya and am outdoors most of the time in rough conditions and these boots perform very well.The more you wear them the more comfortable they become……………just like old friends. I have had many boots over the years ……………the Trans Africa Boot is by far the best.”

Rogue RB5 boots

“I have just come back from 10 days holiday in the USA. Foot wear for a holiday is always a challenge and the normal choice these days is my Rogue RB5 Trans Africa Boots.

This time was different though. We were heading into the mountains and thought we may see some snow. Could the TAs cope?? I had nothing more suitable so I thought I would take the risk.

I need not have worried!!

We spent 3 days in the mountains of north Pennsylvania and had 12 inches of snow one night. We did a good deal of walking, cleared a path through the snow and spent time on snowmobiles.

The boots were freshly waxed before we went and I took every opportunity to dry them out when we were indoors – but they coped just fine. -10 degree ambients were not a problem.
They have been waxed again since we got back – but have not suffered at all.

I just proved to myself that these great boots have more scope of capability than I thought! “


“Thank you for your help with the Rogues on Friday.

The boots I got were exactly what I was looking for.

I tested them out on Saturday and they were perfectly
comfortable from the start. I wore them for 6 or 7 hours during a visit”


to the Dunsfold Land Rover show – no problems at all!!

Thanks again.”

“I cannot recommend these boots enough. They are comfortable right from the first day and only get better over time. Very quickly they mould to your feet and become like slippers. I have worn them in a variety of weather now and have not been disappointed. “


They are
Waterproof when treated
Great value for money
Good honest boots

The Rogue RB5 boots will not disappoint you – why not order a pair and try them on for yourself… bet you don’t return them!

£125 including P&P from us at Kendrick Imports

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