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Rogue shirts now in the UK – what do you think?

The new Rogue shirts are now available in the UK.

The great new Rogue shirts.

The shirts are available in short or long sleeve options and in three colour choices.

The colours available are khaki, olive or taupe (a chocolate colour).


The Rogue long sleeve shirt is known as the “Livingstone”. It has tabs and a button on each sleeve so that the sleeves can be secured rolled up.  It also has a unique “three-way” collar.  These are

1.  The normal position – standard for all shirt collars.

Rogue shirt collar

2. The mid position – so that the neck can be protected from sun, rain or wind.

Collar turned up once

3. The full-up position giving total protection for the full neck, right up to the hair-line.  This gives total protection of the neck when the shirt is worn with a Rogue hat!

The collar in the full - up position

The Rogue short sleeve shirt is called the “Matopos”.  It has a traditional collar and a traditional shape.  Also available in the 3 colours and a huge range of sizes!


All available from Kendrick Imports with free P&P.  Why not buy one and leave us some feedback – we think they are great!



2 Responses to “Rogue shirts now in the UK – what do you think?”

  1. how much are the shirts…many thanks ?

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