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Customer Service – The Icing on the Cake!

When you have a great product such as Rogue Outdoor Gear the goods speak for themselves……. it is the customer service that puts the icing on the cake.


We know that Rogue boots will never let you down, a Rogue hat will become a lifelong friend and a Rogue bag will be  an eternal travel companion.  It is the customer service that goes with the  great Rogue Outdoor gear that makes it extra special to the customer.

Rogue boots - all day every day

At Kendrick Imports we strive to exceed customer expectation and deliver Rogue products quickly, efficiently and without fuss!


This morning we had a phone call followed by this email from a happy customer:

Thank you for the hat delivered this morning. This is my second purchase from you and, apart from being delighted with the product, I am astonished at the speed of service. Thanks again and I am sure I wil be back.


Rogue hats - old friends in days!

If you are looking for hard-working honest Outdoor Gear – look no further than the Rogue hats, Rogue Boots and Rogue Bags.  All available from us at Kendrick Imports.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

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