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Guide to top 5 Rogue hats

To choose the five most popular Rogue hats is easy when based on number of hats sold.  The order is (as they say on popular game shows), “in no particular oder”.

A well loved, well used Leather Rogue Ranger hat!

The Rogue Ranger hat has to be in this group – it is one of the oldest of the Rogue styles, and still outsells new rivals to the range.  This hat is fullgrain leather and is most popular in oxblood colour.  It has a chinstrap and contrasting fly-band.  A great all-round hat fo general outdoor wear and for taking on holiday!  As it is leather it is water resistant – so useful for those early summer and autumn breaks.  The hat has just had a great review in Scotland Outdoors magazine. This Rogue hat is £45 and will last a lifetime.

A beautifully soft Rogue hat great for men or ladies

The Rogue Oiled suede Packaway hat is another strong contender and simply HAS to be included in the top 5 Rogues!  It is a much softer hat than the leather and looks great on ladies and gents.  It packs in half for easy packing and storage so is a perfect Rogue hat to take on safari as it takes up no room in your bag!  It is also very popular for hikers, walkers and all with outdoor types as it can be stored flat in pockets, bags or even your car for when it is needed.  Once popped back into shape the hat shows no signs of having been folded! The Rogue Oiled Suede Packaway hat is £40.

Arrives looking like an old friend!

A third contestant has to be the Rogue Old suede 110P hat.  This is the top selling hat this year.  It arrives looking like an old friend!  It has a chinstrap and the suede is uniquely marked giving it an air of distinction as soon as you own it!  The Rogue Old Suede hat has a wide brim and is very popular for travellers. This Rogue suede hat is £37.50

A great all round Rogue canvas hat

Rogue hats numbers four and  to be included in the line-up are the Rogue canvas hats. The solid canvas hat and the Rogue canvas “airhead” hat – which has mesh sides to allow the breeze to reach your head are available in sand or olive colours and have a chin strap and mmedium width brim.  They are very comfortable and are perfect summer hats or ones to take to sunnier climes!  These hats are great value for money at just £25  each.

A breezy hat available in sand or olive coloour

All hats are available from Kendrick Imports and prices included free P&P to UK Mainland addesses.

If you would like to speak to one of us about any of the Rogue products please give us a call on 0845 475 1281 and we will be happy to chat to you!


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