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Rogue products tested in Swaziland

Rogue Outdoor Gear is made for the tough outdoors and was recently put through its paces in Swaziland.

Rogue boots and hats are used widely across Africa and we put some products to the test ourselves…

Rogue bags, hats and boots

After arriving at Hlane Game Reserve in Swaziland we waited for sunset in the traditional way!  Rogue bag in use to carry essentials, Each of us wearing a different style of Rogue boots and the trusty Rogue hats.

Rogue sunset

We watched the sun set at Hlane overlooking a waterpan.  The only thing between us and the animals was a thin  strand of electric fence.  Ostrich, hippo and elephant were all seen by us in the 30 minutes before the sun set.


The sunset was absolutely beautiful with the sky an ochre colour and silhouettes filling the horizon.

The next morning we were again testing the Rogue gear this time on a bush walk.  Single file, no talking and silent footsteps were the order of the day….

Up close and personal with crocs

We walked quietly to a waterhole and were able to see a huge variety of game going about their daily routine.  Two huge crocs were sunning themselves on the waters edge – presumably not hungry as several geese swam perilously close to them!

Rogue gear worn by professional game rangers

Rogue hats are worn by Game Rangers – they are tried and trusted outdoor gear in Africa and can withstand harsh environments.  Rogue Outdoor Gear really will stand up to any test.

Rogue boots are truly comfortable

Rogue boots were worn all day, every day and are truly comfortable.  The suede boots are comfortable to wear with or without socks and are sturdy walking companions.  Totally recommended and available from Kendrick Imports with free P&P and a full no fuss money back guarantee!

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