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A Rogue Christmas in July!

Whilst in a Spa supermarket in South Africa this week Kendrick Imports noticed Christmas trees complete with tinsel on the ends of every aisle.  Now, not much causes a second glance in South Africa but Christmas Trees in July??

Christmas Trees in supermarket in South Africa in JULY!

Rogue boots, Rogue hats, Rogue bags (all available from us at Kendrick Imports in the UK) are all run of the mill here in Africa but not full-blown Christmas decorations in July!  It is winter here in SA – and yes it does get a bit chilly (19 degrees C one day last week!) – but Christmas Trees in the supermarket takes some understanding.


Having paid for all the groceries (and that’s another story with some-one to take your groceries out of the trolley and someone else to pack your bags) – we pushed the trolley out to the car when there in front of us was the answer!

Christmas in July in Africa!

A poster advertising “Christmas in July” winter savings!!!!

Of course – totally African – they weren’t Rogue Christmas trees after all but part of a clever marketing campaign!


Don’t you just love Africa!

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