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The Old Rogue Hat

A true Breezy Rogue hat


I’m an old Rogue Breezy hat

I’ve been around a bit

I get taken every –where

On every single trip


I never get forgotten

Or left behind at all

I’ve been so many places

I really can’t recall!


Some may think I’m tatty

A bit battered and stained

But not my loyal owner

He thinks it’s character I’ve gained!


My nickname is the 301

Or breezy if you prefer

My mesh sides are so cooling

You can feel air in your hair.


I know I’ll never be replaced

It takes years to get like me

Sometimes a “best hat” is bought as well

But I’m always picked first – you’ll see!


Rogue Breezy- 301K


Rogue hats all available from Kendrick Imports with free P&P

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