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Finding Water in Africa

This morning Johan AKA the “borehole man” came to the farm here in Hazyview to find out whether we had a place that we could sink a new borehole to give us a strong supply of water.  Our existing borehole gives us water on the farm but we always have to be careful how we use it.


Togged up in our Rogue boots, as we could be walking any-where that Johan led us on the farm, we set off wondering what we might find…..

Finding water on the farm in Hazyview


Johan brought with him a glass bottle filled with water.  He has had this same bottle for 12 years and he drove around the farm until the bottle that he had balance on his hand wobbled.

Water divining in  Africa with Johan

At that point Johan got out of the series II Land Rover and walked around with the bottle on his right hand until it fell over.  Deftly catching the bottle as it fell he marked the spot with his foot, making a line in the sand.  This was one side of the water course that was running below the surface.  About 6 metres away the bottle again fell over.  Johan marked this side of the water as well.


Moving the bottle to his left hand Johan walked across the water course until the bottle fell again.  He explained that his left hand could identify the centre of the water course.


The direction that the bottle fell was the direction of the water flow, and he told us that water always flowed in the direction of the sun from East to West.


The identification of the site for the new borehole took about 40 minutes and was totally amazing to watch.  It is a true gift to be able to find water in this way.  We all tried to see if we could make the bottle tip – but guess what….. none of us could.

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