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MacDonalds of the Kruger Park

The Kruger Park in South Africa is a huge food chain with Lions at the top and Impala an important meat source near the bottom!

The Impala are a great food source for all sorts of animals and are numerous in the park – in fact there is one round every corner!  For that reason they are known as the “MacDonalds” of the Park and just to prove it they each have an “M” on their rear ends!!!

The home of Rogue Outdoor Gear is within 10 minutes of the Kruger Park.  The factory is in Hazyview South Africa.  Hazyview is a fabulous place to stay to visit the Kruger Park as either a day visitor or an overnight visitor.


The Rogue bags are an essential part of any trip to South Africa – the great canvas Rogue Travel bags are ideal for travelling around Africa as in the true Rogue fashion they are honest, hard-wearing, and will last a life-time.

All Rogue products are available from Kendrick Imports at prices that give great value for money.



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