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Rogue boots and Morris Men

These Morris Men were seen in Evesham Worcestershire last weekend during the Morris Weekend.  The question is this….. were they wearing Rogue Boots?

Rogue boots are the great all-rounder boot.  Perfect for shooting, fishing, walking, trekking, general wear, Safari walking and so much more so why not wear Rogue boots for Morris dancing?

Morris men have bells (and whistles) so are very much like Rogue boots.

Morris men are versatile and will go any-where exactly like Rogue boots.

Morris Men stand out in a crowd – just like Rogue boots do in a shoe shop.

Were the Morris dancers wearing Rogue Boots?

Rogue boots as well as all Rogue Outdoor Gear is available on-line from Kendrick Imports.  We are happy to talk to you about all the Rogue products so please feel free to speak to Carol or Pete on 08454751281

Were they wearing Rogue boots?

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