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Rogue hats for ladies

Whoever said Rogue hats were for men… check this out – the other 50% of the population can also look absolutely wonderful in Rogue hats.

Rogue hats look great on the girls too!

The traditional wearers of the Rogue hats are the Outdoor men… well now  we have proof – the Rogue hats are actually for ladies as well.

How about the Rogue Cotton canvas Colonial hat – eat your heart out Tilley!

Simply Stylish

And the Rogue 107K suede hat – also a winner for the ladies!

Spoil yourself!

All Rogue hats are available from Kendrick Imports at prices from £25 including P&P.

Why not check out the Kendrick Imports website and order one today – fantastic for all outdoor wear.

2 Responses to “Rogue hats for ladies”

  1. Hi! Are any of the ladies hats squash able and spring back to shape? There are stockmen’s hats like this, but not what Im after…a stylish travel hat that i can wear around Europe… The Cote D’Azure, Swiss Alps and Italy. It has to be stylish AND squash able, my last trip I took a straw fedora (looked gorgeous ) but by the end of the three weeks it was folded in half and looked ridiculous! (I still had to wear it because m fair skinned). Thanks!

    • Hi Sonia

      The Packaway hats are designed to be packed in half and come in either leather or oiled suede options with a Rogue Breezy packaway option for hotter climates. They have a calico cotton drawstring bag for packing which makes them perfect for travel.
      This hat will pop up every time you pull it out of the bag.

      Other hat options we stock that are crushable and squashable are the Emthunzini sun hats – also available on our website

      I hope this is helpful.

      Best regards


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