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The Rogue RAF Pilot Bag

The Rogue RAF Pilot Bag

This Rogue canvas bag is the newest addition to the Rogue family of bags and is already a great favourite.

It is unashamedly a copy of an original pilot bag from the 1950’s – just brilliant!

It is made from 510g heavy cotton canvas and has leather trim in a rich oxblood colour. The  bag has heavy duty lockable brass zips and  has tie down D-rings on the outside for lashing down in a plane for stowage (should you happen to be flying in a Cessna)!

The inside of  the bag has snap hooks for securing clothes inside and to stop them moving around. It also has a section at the bottom for shoes and boots with a canvas cover to keep them separate from clothing. There is a canvas flap that goes over all of the bags contents right under the zip so no clothes can get caught in the zip area.

Straps inside to hold clothes in place

The Rogue RAF Pilot bag has a lovely cotton label sewn in to tell the story of the pilot bag and is a copy of the label in the original 1950’s pilot bag – so if you need to know how to stow your flying suit it is clearly explained!

1950's instructions for use.

The Rogue Pilot bag has a huge capacity – the biggest of all Rogue bags, and is really well designed.  Strong, versatile and time tested!

Rogue RAF Olive Pilot bag

Available in sand or olive colour canvas from Kendrick Imports at £195 including P&P

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