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Christmas Shopping – African style

Off Christmas shopping!


Rogue hats definitely needed!

Christmas Shopping African style!!  What a pleasure – the only necessity is a Rogue hat and an old Land Rover!!!  The Rogue hats seen in the above pictures are the 508 Rogue Buffalo hat and the Rogue suede breezy 301K hat.

All Rogue hats are made in Africa and designed for any harsh outdoor conditions.  There is a Rogue hat for every requirement.  Hot sunny days mean the Rogue Breezy hats are perfect with the mesh sides allowing your head to remain cool.


Rogue Breezy hat

Cold temperate climates lend themselves to the Rogue Tin Cloth hats.

Rogue Tinny hat

All Rogue hats and Rogue Outdoor Gear available from Kendrick Imports .  Call us on 0845 4751281 if you need any further information!

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