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There’s a Rogue Wildebeest in my garden!!

Sat looking down the garden some-one sees something a liitle out of place… a Rogue Wildebeest was sitting in the garden!

Christmas Visitor for Kendrick Imports

Maybe it was a reindeer waiting for Santa was one suggestion, or maybe he was looking for another gnu.  The truth is we don’t know.  Most likely he had broken through the fence from the game reserve on the adjoining property.  Whatever might be arriving next??

Rogue Wildebeest

We took a closer look clad in our Rogue boots and Rogue hats.  A very handsome wildebeest – only a youngster, but with great antlers and a very kind face.  We have called him Oscar (after Oscar Wilde) and he is very happy grazing on the lawn!

The Wildebeest is also known as a gnu and is said to be made up of all the left over animal parts when created and was the last animal God made!

The wildebeest’s height is 45-55 inches at the shoulder.  It averages 350- 550 pounds.

Wildebeest mainly eat grass. Their life span in captivity can be as much as 21 years.

An unexpected Christmas visitor for Kendrick Imports – but certainly a visitor we will remember!


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