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Rogue gear, frost and snow

Rogue hats and boots are hand made in sunny South Africa but work equally well in the colder European climates.

Great for the snow!

The question is – which hat to wear?  The Rogue Oiled suede packaway is probably a great choice – it will repel the snow when that Rogue snowball comes your way, and is easily popped in to your pocket when not in use!

Rogue 171C Packaway hat

Rogue Packaway hat bag!

The Rogue boots are also excellent in the snow – from the top of the Range Rogue RB5 boots with complete leather lining to the RH1 boots as worn above – they all keep you upright and dry!!!


Rogue RB5 boots


Collies could do with Rogue boots too!

Shame Rogue don’t make Collie boots!


All Rogue Outdoor Gear is available from Kendrick Imports with free P&P



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