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Rogue Outdoor Gear Review

Today we despatched an order to a customer who was buying his second 306L Olive canvas hat.  His first had become “more disreputable looking that it needs to be”, no doubt after many many hours of wear!

Reliable Outdoor Gear from Rogue

Reliable Outdoor Gear from Rogue

This Rogue enthusiast had a few great words to say about the canvas hat specifically and then about Rogue products in general that I think is worth sharing.

Rogue canvas hat in olive

Paul said,”I like these hats as the fit me (my head is 63 cm big and it has been very difficult to find a hat that fits), they fold and crush up, but can be straightened out easily and the brim stays stiff, they are light weight and so are cool to wear in the heat, the canvas is proofable and so they can be made to stay dry. All of these features make them a good outdoors hat. I have long been a “bushman” (student of Ray Mears – who wears Rogue boots) and value good kit. For me, the main asset of Rogue kit it is that it is tough and you can rely on it, which is essentail in the SA bush environment.”


We really appreciate customers who give us feedback on the Rogue products, it is also a great help for people new to the Rogue brand to know what to expect of the Rogue hat, Rogue boots or Rogue bag they are about to purchase.


We post customer reviews against the product they relate to whenever possible so that the consumer has a rounded opinion of the product they intend to buy.


If you have any stories, feedback or photos of Rogue products we would love to receive them so that we can share them.  Please email any comments, stories or feedback on the Rogue Outdoor Gear to

Rogue Packaway hat - the great Outdoor Gear!

We look forward to reading your feedback, photos and stories and will post reviews on the website.

Rogue - the authentic safari hat

Let’s all enjoy the Rogue Outdoor Gear that we can rely on!  Available at Kendrick Imports in the UK.  Free P&P on orders.

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