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Rogue Tin Cloth Hats go down a storm!

The Rogue Tin Cloth Hats have been launched at the Outdoor Trade Show this week and have been a great hit.  They have been ordered by a large number of retailers and should start appearing in shops around the UK in the next few months.

Why not buy yours on-line from Kendrick Imports… simply follow this link straight to the tin cloth hats.  It is a great all round outdoor pursuits hat.

The hats are available in sand or olive colours and we believe that the linseed oil and beeswax has made as waterproof a hat as you will find anywhere.  We tested it by holding a hose-pipe over the hat full-on for several minutes.  The result was a dry hat inside!!!

Rogue tin cloth hat

Every-one at the show has agreed that it is a very stylish hat and one to watch out for!

The Tin Cloth hats are £40 and available now!

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