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Kendrick Imports and Mozambique 2010

August is a great time of year to visit Mozambique – wonderful warm sunny days, sea still a great temperature and not too many mosquitoes so although Bug Geroff Insect Repellent is needed the risk of getting malaria is much lower than during the rainy season.

We drove from Hazyview via Ressano Garcia border in to Mozambique.  The difference 100m either side of the border was huge.  On the South African side the border was clean and organised whereas on the Mozambique side the border felt busy, noisy with lots of forms to be completed.  As UK passport holders we had to buy a visa to enter Mozambique.  This must surely be putting off visitors to the country as they cost R610 each.  The process of obtaining a visa took about 30 mins and we were the only visitors requiring visas at the time.  At a busy time this process would grind to a halt I am sure!

We drove through the capital city of Maputo which was bustling and busy.  This street corners were full of vendor selling any-thing from tomatoes to fake Gucci sunglasses!

Typical Street corner in Maputo

We drove from Mapuo to Xai-Xai and crossed the Limpopo River just outside Xai-Xai. The drive from Maputo north to Xai-Xai (sound like shy-shy) took 5.5 hours,

We stayed at Nascer Do Sol just north of Xai-Xai – right on the beach.  The beach was deserted and a great place to swim, relax and wear Rogue hats!!

Beautiful Mozambique beach

Rogue hats - designed to go anywhere!

The beach had a reef a few metres out which the local fishermen used for fishing.  They fished on the ocean side of the reef using home-made spears and harpoons.  We watched them during the day asked if we could buy some cray-fish from them at about 4pm.

They took us to a place on the beach where their T-shirts were in a pile and dug into the wet sand.  About 30cm down were a stash of cray fish they had caught during the day.  We bought lots of  crayfish as well as a fish (we didn’t know what it was!)  for very little meticaiis.

Preparing the crayfish

After cleaning the crayfish we cooked them over the coals and had a truly wonderful feat of fresh sea food – so good!

Eating fresh crayfish!

The journey back took us via many vibrantly colourful towns  bustling with people.  We passed buses full of people with packages and parcels piled high on the roof.

Typical bus in Mozambique

The traditional trades of the towns we drove through included making charcoal which they sold on the side of the road, and roasting cashews which they sold to any-one who stopped – including Pete in his Rogue hat and Rogue boots!

Buying Cashew nuts

Mozambique is a great place to visit…. safe, exciting and wonderfully friendly people.

One Response to “Kendrick Imports and Mozambique 2010”

  1. What a wonderful description of your trip to Mozambique.
    The Rougue “Gear” looks so good and I know the boots are very comfortable
    from owning a pair for the last three years. They are still going strong and
    are even more comfortable than ever.

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