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Rogue Gear In Africa

Rogue hats, Rogue bags and Rogue boots are all made in Africa and designed to be used in Africa.  All Rogue products are made to last and designed for hard-work.

Rogue bags - made for the job!

The Rogue Travel Bags are made from a strong heavy-weight cotton that does not snag or tear.  They are roomy and have a wide opening so you can see all of your gear in your bag whilst you are travelling – a great advantage when on safari and you don’t want to unpack all of your clothes.  The bush is often smokey and dusty and the best place to keep clean clothes is zipped in your bag!

The Rogue Desert boots are great work-horses for those early morning game walks – comfortable but strong.

Rogue Desert Boots - perfect travelling companions!

The Rogue hats – and there is one for every-one, from the Rogue canvas hat option to the Rogue Packaway hat.  Again perfect for first thing in the morning when it is cold, but equally good once the sun rises and temperatures soar and the sun is in your eyes!!!

African sunrise..... Rogue hat and Rogue Desert boots needed!

Rogue canvas hat in olive

Rogue Packaway hat folds flat to fit in a pocket or bag

The Rogue sling bag is also perfect to take to Africa.  It is designed to be the bag you keep your camera, binoculars, water and insect repellent in whilst walking in the bush or on game drives.  Out of the Safari environment it also doubles up as a great bag to carry your laptop, papers and file in!!!

Rogue bush sling bag in sand

All of the great Rogue products have been used by us throughout Africa and have stood up to the tests – in fact we are all still using our original set of bags and boots.  Rogue hats also don’t wear out – we just add to our collection!!

All of the Rogue products are available in the UK from Kendrick Imports.

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