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Rogue bags and the Mongoose!

Rogue bags have been used for many different uses in the past.  Rogue Travel Bags for a Safari, leather Rogue Aviator bags for the flyer, Rogue Buffalo bags for the person who wants something that little bit different to pack their clothes in….. and now Rogue bags for a mongoose to play in!

Leather Rogue Aviator bag shown here

Rogue bag - Hours of fun for a mongoose!

This Mongoose was one of two orphans at “The Hide”, a game lodge in the Hwange Game reserve in Zimbabwe.  They had been taken to “The Hide” in the hope that they would link up with and be accepted by the group of Mongeese that frequent the area.

Both the Mongeese

They were full of fun and showed a keen interest in any-one who would entertain them, and anything that looked like a plaything.  Rogue Boots and Rogue Bags gave them hours of entertainment!!!

Bags available from Kendrick Imports (sorry no mongeese available)!!!

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