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Kendrick Imports at Cecil Rhodes’ Grave

30th July 2010 Kendrick Imports visited the Matopos Hills.  This is the place  in Zimbabwe that Cecil Rhodes chose to be buried.  The place is awesome – known locally as “World’s View”, you can see for miles and miles.  The landscape is rocks and trees and the whole area around the grave is blue and yellow and orange as the rocks are covered with lichen. The site has been consecrated and has a peaceful, serene and spiritual feel to it.

the site site of Cecil Rhodes' grave

The Grave itself is a simple memorial as shown in the picture.  Rogue hats and Rogue Desert boots were the order of the day as it was a steep climb to the top of the rock and very windy.

Cecil Rhodes' grave site

We were the only people at the grave and spent time looking at the graves and the huge memorial – a huge square  structure made from stone and copper.

As we left the Matopos Game reserve we could not get out because an old bus was blocking the way.  The bus was FULL of pre-school children – all smartly dresses in red uniforms. They were from the Mickey Mouse pre-school and had travelled from Gweru (about 2 and a half hours drive away) to visit the grave site.  They had been learning about Cecil Rhodes at pre-school and had organised the trip.  The bus had 56 children on board plus about 20 teachers and parent helpers… it was so full there were 5 children on every 2 seats.  The bus was not able to pass in to the reserve as they were 20 US dollars short and were being turned away.

Mickey Mouse Pre-School

We quickly realised their problem and gave the teacher in charge the 20 dollars she needed.  The children all got off the bus to have their photo taken with us and as we left were all filing back on the bus to drive the last 13km to the grave site.

I am sure that they were all overjoyed at the outcome, and we were only too happy to help out.  great day for Kendrick Imports and the pre-school!

One Response to “Kendrick Imports at Cecil Rhodes’ Grave”

  1. I wish I could have seen their faces.
    Glad to be able to see a photo of them.

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