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Rogue Desert boots – the great all-rounder!

Rogue Desert boots are the great multi-purpose boot for Africa.  They are made from soft suede, have a padded top so they are SO comfortable.  They are lined and have a light-weight sole which makes them sturdy but comfortable from the moment you put them on.

Rogue Desert Boots

Rogue desert boots are perfect for any trip to Africa.  They are smart enough to wear out, but strong enough to walk in the bush with.

Whilst on a trip to Swaziland we stayed at the Mananga Guest House in Tshaneni. Only a two and a half hour drive from Hazyview where the Rogue hats, bags and boots are made Tshaneni is a picturesque small town which is largely a sugar cane growing area.

Pete was brought up in Tshaneni in the 1970’s and we revisited his od haunts including the Mananga Club, Sand River Dam and primary school.  Everything was just as it always was – right down to the bar at the Managa Club house!!!!

Our welcome at Managa Club!

The Managa club is run by a lady called Hillary, and our welcome was a year old zebra who was waiting for his surrogate Mum Hillary to return from a shopping trip.  The zebra was called Hobbes and was full of trouble!  He was a multi-talented animal who could walk up and down stairs and get his way into both the kitchen and behind the bar!

Hobbes behind the bar!

A pair of Rogue Desert Boots were the idea footwear for pushing Hobbes out the way when he was being a stubborn “mule”  blocking the way!

You never know when you will need your Rogue Boots

Tshaneni is a great place to visit and the Rooms at the Mananga guest house were clean, spacious and comfortable.  Dinner at the Nguni Restaurant at the Managa Club was well worth the (long) wait and the pizza and steaks were great value for money.

Rogue Desert Boots are available from Kendrick Imports at and cost £70 including P&P.  Don’t get caught out – buy the great all-rounder boot and go to Africa prepared for all eventualities.  Africa is full of wonderful surprises and you never know when you will need them!

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