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Rogue Boots and snakes!

Whenever you walk in the African “bush” you should always wear your Rogue boots.  We all know that we should and we all usually do.  It doesn’t matter if you choose the Rogue Desert Boots which are a great choice for any sort of Safari because they are soft smart but strong, or if you choose the strong leather Rogue RB5 boot which is designed for much harder work as it is all leather and a full boot.

Rogue Desert Boots

Last week we heard monkeys on the farm and walked twenty paces from the farm- house to track where the noise was coming from.  It was a humid afternoon and had rained the night before …… perfect snake weather we all knew.  The monkeys sounded close and surely we would see them any minute EXCEPT, a shout and a quick run back to the house for a snake stick…. Pete was millimetres from standing on a snouted cobra when Emma saw it.

The snake was about 50cm long and a baby snouted cobra.

Snouted Cobra

It would still have had enough venom to cause respiratory problems very quickly if it had bitten any-one, and would have necessitated a trip to the local hospital for anti-venom.

We all had flip flops on as we had become blase about walking around the farm. A pair of Rogue boots would have protected us walking in the bush because unlike flip flops, they give protection right above the heel (where a snake would usually strike) and have a strong sole.

Luckily we got away with our mistake, but it has sharpened us up and again we all ALWAYS wear our Rogue boots before setting foot in the grass!!

We caught the snake and released it at the far end of our farm – hoping it would stay away from the house!!

Releasing the snake away from the house!

Rogue Boots are hand made in South Africa and are all available from with free P&P to UK mainland addresses.

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