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Football World Cup and Rogue

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to South Africa in June / July 2010 to watch any World Cup games then take a quick look at what Kendrick Imports can offer you!

We import boots, hats, bags & accessories from South Africa.  The great goods are all made by Rogue (a name you will see all about the place when you get to South Africa).  The boots, hats and bags are all hand made and are designed for use in Africa.  They are strong enough to withstand the climate and travelling you will do but all made with comfort in mind.

Rogue Desert Boots

Rogue Trave bag

Don’t miss out – check out the Rogue Desert boots, Rogue travel bags which are perfect for that trip to South Africa and will serve you well if you are able to take in a safari as well.  A hat is a must in the perfect sunny climate and Kendrick Imports have a huge range of authentic African hats to choose from so you will be perfectly attired to fit in!!

PLEASE check out the Rogue Desert boots – you will really appreciate them when you are travelling and apart from a pair of flip flops you won’t need any other footwear for your trip!

All of your needs are available at and everything is priced so that it is great value for money.

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