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Rogue wall of fame In The Kruger Park!

Rogue is synonymous with hard-wearing and authentic safari wear and accessories.  A Rogue hat should be part of any Safari-goers attire as it will keep your head cool and eyes shaded whilst on those wonderful game drives and walks. The choice of hat is huge from a Rogue canvas airhead hat with  mesh sides to a genuine Rogue African Buffalo hat! Rogue boots are strong, comfortable and made for the job.  From the suede Rogue Desert boots to the rugged Rogue RB5 trans-Africa boot there is a style that will be perfect for your trip to Africa.  A Rogue bag will complete your requirements for a trip to Africa.  The bags are made from leather or canvas (depending on your preference) and are perfect for African travel as they are soft enough to load on to game transfer vehicles but strong enough to withstand international travel!!

To get a snap shot of the huge range of Rogue products you need only look at this photograph taken inside the Skukuza shop in the Kruger Park.

Rogue products

Skukuza is the central administration area for the Kruger Park and is the largest of the camps with probably the best stocked shop in the Park as well.  The shop has a huge wall dedicated to Rogue products from Elehant belts and boots, to Buffalo hats and wildebeast wallets.  Other Rogue products are leather hats, fly swats and belts.

The Rogue products are all hard-wearing and come with a lifetime guarantee and will not disappoint you!  Check out the Rogue products you can buy here in the UK at or call 0845 4751281 for more information.  All UK mainland deliveries have free P&P.

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