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Rogue boots and hyenas!

Rogue boots have been tried and tested in all sorts of African situations and will never let you down…… as long as you take great care of them!  One tale that comes to mind is a story I heard of a group of people camping in the African bush whilst wearing Rogue boots.  I am not sure whether it was the Rogue RB5 Trans Africa boots or the RH1 Rogue half boots, but this is not important for the story!  The boots were left outside the tent one night (maybe because they were very old favourites and had been won for many days on the trot!!) A hyena was heard outside the tent that night making it’s haunting “whooop whoooop” noise.  Next morning at sunrise the owner of the boots opened the tent flap to put on his treasured Rogue boots only to find that they had been chewed by the hyena!


Hyenas are well known for their destruction of belongings and it is good practise to never eave any belongings outside your tent when camping to avoid destruction of them by hyena!!!

Rogue boots are renowned for their simple design which is made for comfort and durability. Every pair of boots is hand-made in South Africa and comes with the unique Rogue guarantee:-

Rogue RB5 Trans Africa Boot

Rogue RH1 Boot

“Some call it a waranty, some a guarantee, sometimes you don’t even see the words mentioned. We thought about offering, or having all our prodcuts guaranteed for life, but when we set out to design a quality product to last a long time, the last thing on our minds at the time was “Well how long should we guarantee these for?”.

You see, at Rogue, without even thinking, over the years we have repaired and refurbished old, favourite, comfortable and well worn items, so we really don’t offer a guarantee so to speak – we just like to call it service!

In the event (and it does happen as all Rogue products are handcrafted by humans) one of our products falls apart, stitching fails or something is just wrong, send it back to us and we’ll get it sorted out – repaired or replaced.Sadly, there are times when even your favourite boots can no longer be repaired – send them to us with their story and we’ll add them to our “Rogue’s Gallery”.

Our business has been built on the basis that when you buy a Rogue product we want you to keep buying Rogue – we feel all our clients are part of the Rogue family. So any concerns or problems you have with our product, let us know, we’ll listen and fix or replace whatever we can.

So if you feel any of our products are not up to scratch, call me, because if you don’t tell us we’ll never know.”

I am sure Rogue boots are not guaranteed against destruction by hyenas, but they would certainly “die” doing the job they were made for!

Rogue boots are available in the UK from Kendrick Imports, with free P&P to UK mainland addresses.

We saw this clan of hyenas in the Kruger Park yesterday  They were living in the culvert under the road and were just coming out at 5.30pm ready for their evening’s activities!  A really wonderful sight.


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  1. Is is necessary to wear boots like this when on a safari in Kruger etc. Will be in a vehicle.

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