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The plated Lizard and Kendrick Imports!

This plated lizard was photographed at our farm in Hazyview this week.  It is a good reminder as to why we should wear Rogue  boots when out and about in Africa!

Plated Lizard

This plated lizard was about 40cm long and had a flattened head and body shape.  Theses are normally shy reptiles which are seldom seen so we felt lucky to see one!

Rogue desert boots are the perfect  safari boot as they are strong, comfortable and yet smart enough to wear in the evening.

Rogue Desert boot

The Rogue RB5 boot is also a great boot for Africa or indeed any European country – however it is much more of a work-horse boot than the Rogue desert boot and is made of fullgrain leather.  The design of the boot along with Rogue leather food makes it a good water-tight boot for wetter terrain.

The rugged Rogue RB5 boot

Check out the full range of Rogue boots and accessories available from Kendrick Imports.


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