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Pod Mahogany Seeds

Seeds of the pod mahogany tree

These seeds are  matt black with bright orange ends and about 4cm long.  They are seeds from the huge pod mahogany tree.  The seed pod itself is large – about 18cm long and flat and a dark brown colour.

We found the seed pod whilst walking in the bush in our Rogue Desert boots – absolutely perfect for walking through long grass as they are comfortable, light-weight and look great with shorts or long trousers.

The pod mahogany tree was huge and had a spreading crown – looked as if it would be great for small boys to climb!!

Kendrick Imports specialises in authentic safari clothing and equipment that is made in South Africa.  The slogan used is “made in Africa and used in Africa!”  Check out our range of gear from Bug Geroff natural insect repellent to the best designed Rogue “bush sling bag” to carry all of your needs each day.

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