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Rogue boots and hyenas!

December 30, 2009

Rogue boots have been tried and tested in all sorts of African situations and will never let you down…… as long as you take great care of them!  One tale that comes to mind is a story I heard of a group of people camping in the African bush whilst wearing Rogue boots.  I am […]

The plated Lizard and Kendrick Imports!

December 26, 2009

This plated lizard was photographed at our farm in Hazyview this week.  It is a good reminder as to why we should wear Rogue  boots when out and about in Africa! This plated lizard was about 40cm long and had a flattened head and body shape.  Theses are normally shy reptiles which are seldom seen […]

Rogue hats, boots & bags – Authentic Safari Gear

December 20, 2009

Rogue hats, Rogue boots and Rogue bags are all hand-made in Hazyview, South Africa.  They are the hats and boots worn by trail guides and safari guides.  You cannot beat authentic safari gear for your safari trip. Kendrick Imports brings the leather, suede and canvas goods into the UK and sells through their website. The […]

Pod Mahogany Seeds

December 13, 2009

These seeds are  matt black with bright orange ends and about 4cm long.  They are seeds from the huge pod mahogany tree.  The seed pod itself is large – about 18cm long and flat and a dark brown colour. We found the seed pod whilst walking in the bush in our Rogue Desert boots – […]