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Kendrick Imports Authentic Safari Clothing

Destinations for Africa recently invited Kendrick Imports to join them for an evening where they showcased their destinations in Africa to some Elite Travel Agents.  We displayed our popular Of African Origin authentic Safari Clothing and Rogue bags, hats and boots.

The guest speaker for the evening was Paddy Hagglethorn Head Ranger at Savannah Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands.  This private game reserve borders the Kruger Park in South Africa and is an amazing place to stay… promise (we spent two nights there a few years ago).

When booking to visit any destination in Africa it is essential that you take the right gear with you.  Arriving on Safari in a bright pink T-shirt, flip flops and a pair of sunglasses will be no fun for the traveller or the other guests on the Safari!!  Kendrick Imports has an authentic range of attire for the traveller.  We can help you with the clothing you need for a few days on safari from the shorts, shirts, skirts and blouses to the hat and insect repellent that will equip the traveller and hep them enjoy their experience to the max!  As well as the obvious needs of the traveller, Kendrick Imports can supply the Deet free insect repellent Bug Geroff that is used by locals in the Kruger area to deter mosquitoes, and the Rogue bags which make travelling around South Africa a pleasure because they are soft enough to be easy to transport on game vehicles but strong enough to protect belongings in the hold of an airbus!!  Add to this the Rogue Desert boots and Rogue bush bags and you can see that Kendrick Imports is the one-stop shop for your Safari needs!

Authentic Safari wear

Any way – back to the story.  Destinatins invited Kendrick Imports to Chalalaka restaurant in Putney London – a unique South African restaurant for the evening along with 70 + other guests.  We ate biltong, Boerwors, kudu and Cape Brandy Pudding – all true South African fare and enjoyed an evening which included a South African drummer and the “leopard Twins” who were body painted by the UK Champion body painter .   A great evening was had by all.

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