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Mozambique and Prawns!

A short hop from Hazyview in South Africa, the home of the Rogue brand of hats, boots and bags, is Maputo the vibrant capital city of Mozambique.  Kendrick Imports took a brief visit there last week to sample seafood and the local brew Laurentina!!!

On the beach - superb food!

On the beach - superb food!

We stayed at the iconic Costa do Sol – a popular beach front restaurant with a few basic rooms upstairs!  Costa do Sol has the look of a ship from the outside, with decks for viewing the panoramic sea views. The sound of the sea and smell of salt in the air makes it the perfect place to sample all the fare of the sea……and it did not disappoint!

View from restaurant

Today's Specials

Today's Specials

We took a swift visit to the local market situated in down-town Maputo where we were surrounded by vibrant colours and cheerful people. We weaved our way down through many rows of stalls, so close that you could only just squeeze through, at every  stall the owners stopped us to buy their goods.  We could buy anything from hair extensions to fresh prawns.  One part of the market was fish produce.  There was still plenty of fish to buy at 3pm, obviously that days catch, but no ice to be seen, just rows and rows of fish, prawns and mussels!
After an hour or so negotiating prices for cashew nuts and “Prada” sunglasses we drove the short drive back to Costa do Sol. We meandered in to the restaurant at 7.30pm and were shown to a table inside as it was too windy to sit outside, at least there were no mosquitos and no need to wear Bug Geroff insect repellent! It was seafood platters all round, with local beer and wine to compliment. The prawns were pristine, the mussels mouth-watering, the calamari comestible and the lobster was luxurious.   The whole evening’s food and drink came to an astonishing £20 per head!

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  2. Last year I returned to Costa del Sol after an absense of 40years. Felt like a character in Dr Who, the place and menu had not changed. First crossed its threshold in 1969 after driving over the Lebombo mountains from Swaziland where I was a 21 year old IVS volunteer working at the University. It was love at first sight, the view at low tide, the smells, and the food was fabulous. On a meager monthly wage of R70 we could live like Kings and we did. Thanks for reviving great memories.

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