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Real Game Rangers wear Rogue hats …

Pete Carol Lucy & Emma from Kendrick Imports, spent 3 days at Mkhaya Game reserve in Swaziland.  Our ranger fro the 3 days was Thulani and we have photographic evidence that real Game Rangers wear Rogue hats! proudly wore his 306L Rogue canvas hat whilst tracking down rhino, elephant and other large game!

Rogue hats worn by Game Rangers

Rogue hats worn by Game Rangers

Mkhaya Game reserve is in South Eastern Swaziland.  It is a refuge for endangered species and gives visitors the chance to get great close-up sightings of large game.  It specialises in breeding endangered species and is famous for it’s breeding programmes of black and white rhino, tessebe and nyala.

The rooms at Mkhaya are semi-open strutures created from low chunky rock walls and pillars, with no windows and a high thatched roof.  Each room has an en-suite bathroom.  There is no electricity in the camp so at night paraffin lamps light pathways and the rooms!

Rooms at Mkhaya

Rooms at Mkhaya

The accommodation sounds a bit rustic but in reality is luxurious, warm and inviting.  August is winter-time in Swaziland with cool nights, but the rooms were not cold at all.  Lots of cosy duvets and blankets and a hot water bottle ensured a good night’s sleep! A mosquito net is provided for summer-time when mosquitoes are about and an insect repellent such as Bug Geroff would be a necessity.

During the evening and night the bush was alive with the sounds of hyena whooping, bushbabies crying and nyala and guinea-fowl rustling around the camp.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were social affairs all eaten with the other guests in the boma area under a majestic sausage tree.  A fire was lit in the centre of the boma in the evenings to warm the air and give the African smell of wood-smoke!  The food was plentiful and tasty, with the evening meals having an option of trying out wildebeast, impala and kudu during our stay.

Perhaps the most amazing experience a visitor can get at Mkhaya is the chance to get up close to rhinos when on game walks.  We walked for 2 hours in our Rogue Boots and saw 9 white rhino.  At one point we approached 2 rhinos slowly and silently making sure we were down-wind of them.  They have poor eyesight partly because of the huge horns thay must contend with between their eyes!  We crouched down next to a path and the two rhino passed beside us only 2 metres from where we crouched.  Every wrinkle and scar on their skin was visible, we could smell them and hear their breathing……absolutely awesome and unforgettable.

Close up!

Close up!

If you would like to find out more about Mkhaya check out their website at To book you need to e mail

Mkhaya was a great experience for us and if you get the chance to add it to your itinerary it will not disappoint!

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  1. I found your experiences at Mkhaya very interesting.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures .

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