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Rogue Desert Boots

The Rogue Dsert boots are becoming a very popular travel boot / safari boot.  The boot is made in South Africa by Rogue and imported by Kendrick Imports

Rogue Desert Boot

Rogue Desert Boot

The boot has a lightweight crepe sole, and the uppers are made from soft suede which makes it a light and comfortable boot to wear whilst travelling.  Added to this, the top of the boots are padded fro comfort and the design of the boot with the all-in-one tongue, makes the boot easy to put on oand off!

The boot was reviewed by the Travel Africa magazine last month as follows:-
“These boots are aimed at those of you who are heading out to Africa on Safari and want a pair of boots to handle 3 things:

The occasional day walking in the bush;

look smart enough to wear out for dinner (in town or camp);

be comfortable enough to wear all day long.

This unique Desert boot made by Rogue in South Africa has lightweight crepe soles which provide decent traction on gently sloping dirt and rock surfaces. The uppers are made of soft suede, which offers better protection against thorns and sharp rocks than those made partially of mesh. Although not as breathable as some mesh boots, overheating is unlikely unless activity is strenuous. They are also comfortable enough inside to wear without socks if need be. The uppers are padded for comfort, and their high sides give support when walking over uneven ground.”

The boots are part of the complete travel gear you need for any trip available from Kendrick Imports.  Your complete safari  and travel needs from a Rogue hat , to Of African Origin Safari clothing and Bug Geroff DEET free insect repellent products are all available in just a few clicks at

Rogue hat

Rogue hat

Of African Origin Safari clothing

Of African Origin Safari clothing

DEET free insect repellent products

DEET free insect repellent products

All the products you find on the Kendrick Imports site are authentic safari gear.  Made in Africa and used in Africa.  None of the products will disappoint you – we promise!

Click or call us on 0845 475 1281 if you have any question on our products.

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