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Hazyview Footy Team get new equipment

Hazyview Bluebird Young Stars April 2009
The local Hazyview football “The Bluebird Young Stars” team were in action again this morning. The team are based in Mpumalanga in South Africa.   Kendrick Imports, Gola and Leighton United Football Club provided balls a ball bag, training cones, pumps and new trainers for the young team.

The equipment was received by two of the coaches Sipho and Joseph earlier this week.

Em hands over boots from Gola

Em hands over boots from Gola

The team were in action this morning and were joined by Jack who brought 15 balls and lots of training cones from Leighton United FC. Jack played with the boys for a while during the match and had quite a few interesting comments to make afterwards.  He commented on how hot it was playing in temperatures of 26 degrees, also how hard the pitch was.

Jack playing withthe team

There were no markings to show the edge of the pitch, Jack said afterwards that the sideline on one side of the pitch was the ditch!
The team had a couple of players who spoke good English and Jack chatted with the boys.  They were keen to find out which sports Jack played, and gave him a spare trip to wear for the game. Jack was really impressed with the level of skill the team had and the commitment they all played with.

Leighton United balls & equipement well used

Leighton United balls & equipement well used

The team and the coaches really appreciate all the support they are receiving from Kendrick Imports, Leighton United and other sponsors such as Gola and lucozade.  It is great to see that they are making good use of the  equipment they are being given, and that it is being put to such good use and making a real difference to the team.

Nelson, one of the coaches, told me that not only were the boys grateful for the equipment, but the parents of the boys were very appreciative of the support they were getting as well.

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