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Of African Origin Authentic Safari Clothing

Kendrick Imports now stocks the Of African Origin range of Safari clothing.

The Of African Origin range of Authentic Safari clothes include all the clothes you would need for your Safari holiday.  The range was designed and is used in the Safari environment and is perfect for the climate and terrain.
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The range includes blouses, shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers, ¾ trousers, ladies tops, men’s T-shirts as well as fleeces and Safari jackets for those cooler morning starts!!

Ladies Safari Jacketmen's Safari ShortsLadies cap sleeve safari blouse

Of African Origin are ethical traders.  Their garments are made by adults that have great working conditions and are properly paid.  The Company actively supports communities which struggle to achieve the basic necessities that you and I take for granted.

LAdies 3/4 TrousersThe Of African Origin clothes are used throughout Africa by the people who work in and run lodges.  The clothes are therefore completely tried and tested both in design for comfort and suitability to the African environment but also for quality of the fabrics so that they last!!

The owners of “Of African Origin” are Nic and Niamb.  They recently sent 1200 garments that were “over-runs” that had been collected over the years to a lodge called Matetsi in Zimbabwe.  They asked for the clothes to be distributed to the staff.

This is the thank you letter they received back:

Dear Niamb,

Our delivery truck ex Johannesburg arrived yesterday at Matetsi carrying 11 large boxes of clothes that you have donated. This is absolutely awesome! You can not imagine the impact that your extremely generous donation will have.

Most people in Zimbabwe can not afford the bare necessities anymore. Even though our staffs are amongst the fortunate few who still have a job, most of them have to support a large number of unemployed relatives as well as an ever rising number of AIDS orphans. There is barely enough money to buy scarce and expensive food and certainly no cash for clothes. Some staffs wear their uniforms off duty to save money on clothing.

A gesture like yours goes a long way to alleviate some of that hardship and I can assure you that every single piece of clothing you sent will find a new, grateful owner in the coming days. We will definitely take some pictures when the clothes are distributed for you to see some of the people you are assisting. I am hoping that one day we may have the pleasure of welcoming you as a guest at Matetsi so that you can personally meet some the people you have been helping.

Once again on behalf of our staffs and their families thank you very much for your kindness. You have brought some joy and happiness to people in need.

With kindest regards


Check out the range of Authentic Safari Clothing only available in the UK through Kendrick Imports

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