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Wearing your Of African Origin Bandana

Kendrick Imports has now got a range of Safari Clothing made by Of African Origin
The range includes shirts, blouses, shorts, t shirts, polo shirts, safari jackets, skirts and bandanas.

The red bandana

The red bandana

The bandana allows you to accessorize your travel wardrobe cheaply and easily.  There is a real art to using your bandana (whether you are male or female) to add a creative touch to your daily safari attire!!
The bandanas are £9.99 each and available in a range of four colours at

Red and white options

Red and white options

The bandana can be worn in a variety of ways – some of which are described on the unique Of African Origin Packaging!  Here are a few ideas:
HEADBAND:  Fold bandana into a triangle, then fold over and over to give a rectangle about 7 cm wide.  Wrap it around forehead and tie at the back. The bandana can be tied at the bottom or the top to keep fringes in place for the ladies and accentuate pretty hair in a pony tail!!
TRIANGULAR SCARF: Wear as a unisex scarf by folding bandana into a triangle and tying long ends at back at nape of neck.  This will protect hair when travelling, and keep hair off of your face and out of your eyes!
TRADITIONAL SKULL CAP: Fold one corner of bandana under until its tip is about 13cm away from opposite corner.  Place 5 sided shape on the head with folded edge just above the brow.  Tie horizontal ends around head making sure any extra fabric gets tucked in!

Bandana worn as skull cap

Bandana worn as skull cap

NECKSCARF: The bandana also be worn around neck to add a splash of colour.
SHOULDER SCARF:  Bandanas are particularly good at keeping the sun off of the shoulders, especially if wearing one of the Of African Origin ladies vest tops!!
bandana as a scarf
Bandanas are available in red, white, light blue and beige. Each has a unique Of African Origin Design and is a versatile addition to your Safari wardrobe. Easy to pack as takes up no space at all!  Why not pack two colours one for day wear and one for the evenings??

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