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Getting the most from your Safari Holiday

Getting the most from your Safari Holiday
At Kendrick Imports we import authentic safari wear and gear from Africa.  The hats, boots, bags, clothes and insect repellent are all made in Africa for use in Africa…. And they won’t let you down.
What you will need for your Safari holiday:
Shorts and or skirt (unless you are a chap… and then probably not the skirt!) – You will want to pack neutral colours such as greens, beige and browns so that you blend in with the surroundings.
Long trousers (in a lightweight fabric). If you are going on a walking safari longs will give you better protection against ticks and thorns.
Long and short sleeve shirts / blouses – cotton is the best fabric to wear in the hot and humid climates.
A sturdy pair of Walking boots – Rogue boots are perfect for this – you will most probably find your guide is wearing a pair.

The ideal Safari Boot

The ideal Safari Boot

A fleece or jumper – necessary for the cooler mornings and evenings under the stars!  If you are visiting during the African winter months ( June – August) you may want a warm bush jacket.
A hat – to keep you cool and preferably with a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes as well. The Rogue Packaway hat is perfect for packing flat and wearing on Safari.
Sunblock (even if overcast).
Insect repellent – Bug Geroff natural insect repellent is a great alternative to DEET products and really works.  The soap and wrist-bands are excellent additions to the travel pack.  All the products are light, small and easy to pack.
A sling bag – to carry your water, binoculars, camera etc during the day.  The Rogue bush sling bag is designed for exactly this purpose and is comfortable to carry all day.

Rogue Bush sling bag

Rogue Bush sling bag

A soft but strong soft bag to pack all of your gear in.  The Rogue Travel bag was made for this purpose.

Rogue soft strong Travel Bag

Rogue soft strong Travel Bag

Check out all the Safari gear stocked by Kendrick Imports

Everything you will find on this site is authentic, made and worn in Africa and will not break the bank!!

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