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Monkey Apples dry in the sun at Terra Boma Farm, South Africa

The monkey apples that were picked in South Africa during August last year are now drying in the sun at the Worx of Africa Farm Terra Boma.

The drying is the first part of the process in the hand decoration of the seed pods to make the beautiful decorations.
Kenneth works at the farm and must make sure that during the rainy season in South Africa (December – February),  the seeds do not rot in the damp grass.

Kenneth moves the monkey apples from long grass to short for drying

Kenneth moves the monkey apples from long grass to short for drying

Kenneth moving monkey apples to

Kenneth moving monkey apples to

If they are turned regularly and dried in short grass they will be ready for the next stage of the process later in the year when the rough outside of the seed pod is removed.

monkey apples sanded & sized

monkey apples sanded & sized

The seed pods are then sanded and put in to bays of roughly the same size monkey apples for the colouring and hand decorating to take place.
Some of the natural African seed pods are burnt using blow lamps to give the ethnic patterned effect

ethnic patterned monkey apples

ethnic patterned monkey apples

whilst others are dipped in stunning coloured dye such as these aqua monkey apples

aqua monkey apples

aqua monkey apples

The monkey apples are all fairly and ethically traded and make great table decorations when displayed in bowls.  They have a great story behind them and give people like Kenneth a satisfying job with fair pay and great working conditions.

They are available at and are available in a huge variety of colours and designs.

8 Responses to “Monkey Apples dry in the sun at Terra Boma Farm, South Africa”

  1. How do you dry these Monkey Apples? Got a couple from a friend.

    • Hi. To dry pop them in a bowl and place in a conservatory to dry. They will give a lovely citrus small as they dry!!

      Good luck


  2. I’m very interested in these monkey apples. Got myself a few, now I’m wondering. If they are dried… How does it sound in the inside? Does the inside make like a solid ball or does it kind of rattle? And how long does it take to dry? Thank you

    • Hi
      If you pick the monkey apples off of the tree and dry in the sun they take about 3 months to dry properly. Some monkey apples make the sound of a solid ball when you shake them but others make no sound – as if the seed is still attached to the monkey apple fruit itself. Most however do make the sound of a solid ball rattling inside the monkey apple when they are dry. Are yours decorated or natural?
      Thanks for the interest.
      Kendrick Imports

  3. Hi

    Thanks for coming back to me… Mine is still in the natural form, started to decorate one this afternoon with beads! Looks quite okay if I have to say so myself. What kind of decorations can you do?


  4. Hi…

    Another thing, how do you get rid of the skin? I used a knife and sort of peeled it of!

  5. Hi – you can paint with acrylic paint – burn with a blow lamp or carve them. If you let them dry naturally you can do all of the above, if you get them when they are still green they are easier to carve and when they dry you can still see the letters or patterns!
    You can leave the skin on by the way and decorate on top.
    Hope that helps!

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