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Packing for a stay in the Kruger Park

A stay for a few nights in the Kruger Park in South Africa requires careful planning.  The Park will never disappoint the visitor and this list should help you to be prepared for a memorable stay!

Make sure you book well in advance as you can only stay in the Kruger Park overnight if you already have a booking. This is easy to do through the Kruger Park central reservations office.

  • Find out whether the camp you have booked in at has a restaurant, shop or is a bush camp with neither of these facilities. If your camp does not have a shop or restaurant make sure you take food for your stay.
  • Buy a map of the Kruger Park so you can plan your route carefully.
  • Make sure your vehicle is full of fuel before you depart.
  • Pack the following:  charcoal, firelighters, matches, corkscrew and bottle-opener & food and drink ( including alcohol!)
  • Take your own water as the water at the camps is not drinkable.
  • Pack your digital camera and the charger.
  • Take a pair of binoculars for each person and identification books!
  • Pack toiletries including loo roll!
  • Take torches as the camps are dark at night.
  • Pack cool clothes for the day – neutral safari colours are best. Several layers are a great idea as it is cold in the early morning but soon gets very hot.
  • Take a fleecy with you for the evenings as they can be cold during the South African winter months.
  • Take prophylactics to guard you against malaria if appropriate.
  • Take a basic first aid kit which contains tablets for upset stomachs!

Try to use products that the locals use as they are made for that type of environment, Rogue hats , boots & bags and Bug Geroff insect repellent and the Of African Origin range of safari clothing  are great options.
Speak to the local pharmacist in the area about anti-malarial prophylactics, they will be able to advise you whether they are needed and which ones the locals use.
To recharge cameras etc. pack a block extension lead with a South African plug on the end so you can always charge your UK devices!

Do not get out of your car in the Kruger Park except in designated areas!


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  1. Loved the article on Kruger National Park! :o)

    Best regards

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