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Busi gets degree – sponsored by Kendrick Imports.

Well done Busi!!

Kendrick Imports http://www.kendrickimports.comhas been sponsoring Busi during the final 2 years of her degree course. Last night she text me her results…. she has achieved 2 passes and 3 distinctions in her final modules. Congratulations to Busi for all her hard work from all of us who know her!

Congratulations Busi!

Congratulations Busi!

Busi has worked very hard to complete her degree at Mafeking University in Tourism and Leisure and is now hoping to find a job in the industry. She is a lovely girl and has worked so hard to achieve her dream of a degree against all odds!

I am sure that Busi would be willing to gain experience in all areas of the business, and we can attest to her quiet confidence, determination and spirit. If you know of any openings for a bright, enthusiastic and intelligent lady, please contact

For details of other ethical projects Kendrick Imports is involved with in South Africa please check out our other blogs at

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