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The Sausage Tree

Worx of Africa process and hand decorate monkey apples and baobab seeds to make stunning end products which can be displayed in bowls.

The baobab pods and monkey apples are all fairly and ethically traded and are a totally natural African product.
The Sauage Tree
The Sausage Tree, Kigelia Africana also has an unusual seed pod .  It is sausage shape and is about the size of a loofah. This tree occurs in the bushveld in Southern Africa and has very unique seed pods.  It’s unlikely that these pods would ever be hand decorated in the same way as baobab pods and monkey apples as when they dry out they shrivel up!!!

Sausage Tree seed podsThe beautiful monkey apples and baobab pods are available from Kendrick Imports at
They cost £18 for a bag of 6 with free P&P to mainland  UK

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