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A good reason to wear your Rogue Boots in Africa!

When walking whilst in Africa it’s a great idea to wear the correct footwear!  Rogue Boots are made for the job.  Handmade in South Africa by Rogue, they are strong and comfortable from the moment you put them on.
Rogue boots will give you peace of mind when walking in “the bush”.  If you are going to step on a snake or other “nastie”, it’s advisable to do so whilst wearing Rogue Boots rather than trainers or flip flops!

The Mopani Worm

The Mopani Worm

This Mopani worm or Christmas Caterpillar (so called because it can be found around Christmas time) will not harm you, but is not something you would want to step on without strong footwear!
The Mopane worm is the caterpillar of the Mopane Moth.  The moth has a large wingspan of about 12cm making it one of South Africa’s largest.  The larva or caterpillar are collected by African people and when cooked considered a delicacy!

The Mopani Worm

The Mopani Worm

A great boot for hot African “Christmas” climates is the Rogue Desert boot.  This particular Rogue boot has a lightweight crepe sole and soft comfortable suede uppers. The top of the boot is padded for comfort and the high padded sides give support and comfort when walking. The boot is easy to put on and off and has been designed as a travel / safari boot. A safari boot that is comfortable and strong enough for walking in the “bush” whilst on holiday and travelling but also smart enough for evening wear.

The great boot for wearing on Safari

The great boot for wearing on Safari

The Desert Boot can be worn with long trousers or shorts and can be worn with or without socks. Specifically designed for the traveller, this great all-rounder will not disappoint you!

So remember to order your pair before you travel to South Africa.  Available at
£70  including P&P

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