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Rogue….. For the Journey

The Rogue brand of hats, bags and boots are hand made in Africa.  They can fulfill any purpose you want, be it a holiday hat, a working boot or a bag for your next holiday.
After all life is a journey and Rogue products are designed and made to be used at any point on your journey!
Check out the great products available from Rogue.
They include the unique Rogue Desert boot which has been specifically designed for the holiday “journey”.  It is made from suede and is soft enough to be comfortable to wear all day wherever you are traveling, but also smart enough for your evening wear as well. Find it at Desert Boot

The brand Rogue is synonymous with a journey through life full of fun and excitement.  Check out the great Rogue Packaway hat.  Made from oiled suede, it is designed to fold in half and can be transported in it’s own calico drawstring bag until the part of the journey when you need to wear it!  Recently in the Sunday Times Good Gear section – it is a highly rated accessory for your journey! See it at

Great for having with you for when you need it!!

Great for having with you for when you need it!!

If it is a long distance journey you are on, ,you will need a sturdy and reliable traveling companion.  Choose a Rogue bag for this job.  It’s up to you whether you decide to take a leather option such as the time served North African bag, or a timeless Long Weekender canvas bag.  Check out all your potential travel companions at

A beautiful soft leather bag.

A beautiful soft leather bag.

A True travel companion!

A True travel companion!

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