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Great Safari Gear from Kendrick Imports

Going on Safari?  Wondering what you will need…… look no further!

Rogue is THE Authentic Safari Gear.  The slogan “made in Africa, Used in Africa” has never been more true!

For a trip to Africa on Safari you will the following basic kit:

A Rogue hat to keep you cool in the day and the sun out of your eyes on those memorable sunset game drives! It is down to personal preference whether you choose a breezy option with mesh sides or a solid hat, as well as whether you choose canvas, suede or leather! Any Rogue hat is the perfect safari hat!

Great all rounder!

Great all rounder!

A pair of Rogue boots for those game walks and drives.  Consider whether you will be doing lot of long walks and need the tough Rogue RB5 boots or whether the Rogue Desert Boots are best for you. Desert Boot
A Rogue bag to pack all your gear in – a soft canvas bag is best for this when space is limited in transfer vehicles and on light aircraft.  We suggest the Rogue Long weekender for this.  It is tried and trusted, strong, rugged but a totally great bag for trvelling.  Can be padlocked for extra security. Long Weekender in Olive (Also available in sand colour)
An insect repellent that really works.  We suggest Bug Geroff soap, wrist strap and travel pack for total protection.  This range was developed on the Lowveld for use in the Kruger park.  Bug Geroff products are totally natural, the active ingredient being Tagetes which is an extract from a plant that has been used by African farmers for years as a natural insect repellent.  Safe to use on babies and children. Bug Geroff gelBug Geroff wrist strap

A Rogue Sling Bag to carry your binoculars, water, camera and insect repellent whilst out on safari.  The Rogue Bush Sling was designed for this very purpose and looks great as well as being functional!   Rogue Bush Sling

A great selection of all of the above items are available from Kendrick Imports with Free P&P to UK mainland addresses.

Please feel free to ring us if you require any help or advice on 0845 475 1281

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