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Great New Book Available on the web site!

Do Not Take This Road to El Karama

This book is now available from Kendrick Imports exculsively in the UK.  It is a great book and definitely worth a read.  Why not put it on your Christmas present list, or just buy it for yourself!
The writer of this great book, Chris Harvie, owns the lodge next door to our farm in Hazyview called Rissington Inn (Aside, this lodge is undisputedly the best in the Lowveld and is a wonderful place to stay. Home cooked food, a relaxed atmosphere, fantastic staff and a very relaxing lodge).  No-one who stays at Rissington is ever disappointed…. honest!
Chris has been a great friend of ours for nearly ten years and has very recently published a book called

Do Not Take This Road to El Karama. He is a great supporter of South African wares and is also a great supporter of local causes.
The book is available in South Africa but has not been published in the UK.  Chris has so many guests past & present that want to read his book that we have happily put it on our website so that it is available here in the UK.   Chris has arranged for a special shipment to be delivered here in a couple of weeks.. so what are you waiting for?  Have a look at what it is all about.  We think it sits well next to our Rogue and Worx of Africa Ranges… and well, who wouldn’t travel without Bug Geroff!
In brief this is the story….
Tired of the African tales of misery with which we find ourselves bombarded every day, new author Chris Harvie sets out to find the good news on an epic 28 000-kilometre journey between his home outside the Kruger National Park and the Nile in Uganda, traversing eight African countries: Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Malawi and Namibia.
With his tongue firmly in his cheek, he chronicles his trek through these countries, all (arguably bar one) of which share a British colonial past – looking at their post-independence histories through the sceptical yet fresh eye of one born at the time that many of them achieved independence. His personal views are supplemented by those of the locals and ex-pats, missionaries and mechanics, backpackers, oddballs and rascals he encounters along the way.
Delightfully opinionated, brimming with interesting facts, questionable comment and dubious speculations, Do NOT Take This Road to El-Karama is essential reading for both armchair and actual travellers. A blend of discovery and discomfort, it breathes new life into the travelogue genre with an original take on the style and presentation of a journey, and leaves the reader enthusiastic, refreshed, and reaching for a tent and the keys to the pick-up.
Chris is an eloquent writer with a great sense of humour.  A great read for any-one who loves Africa and the stories behind the faces.
Bag your book before the limited supplies run out at

The Book now avaialble at Kerndrick Imports

The Book now avaialble at Kerndrick Imports

It’s a bargain at £17.50 including P&P

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