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Sponsors For African Children – Lucozade Helps Kendrick Imports

Helping children in Africa!

Back in August Kendrick Imports gave the Blue Bird Young Stars football team in Hazyview South Africa a new football strip. Since then we have been working towards getting some more equipment for the team by asking big Brands if they would like to help.

Blue Bird Young Stars in Action

Blue Bird Young Stars in Action

Through Adam, who works for Tesco and has a contact in Lucozade, we have been given training bibs and water bottles that we will take to the team in December when we next visit. The team are going to be so excited when they get these, so a big thanks to Adam and Lucozade.

The Lucozade kit

The Lucozade kit

We are also in communication with Gola at the moment and hope that they will donate some trainers for the team as well, they are certainly very interested in the project. During the next few days we will be contacting South African Airways to try to get a larger luggage allowance as all of this kit is going to exceed our allowance!! Fingers crossed on that one!

The Blue Bird Young Stars deserve our help as they are a bunch of young boys who have a passion for football. The 3 coaches work hard with the youngsters to give them a real interest that gives them a focus and keeps them away from crime.

If any-one would like to help with this project, the team still need a range of other kit including balls, whistles, pumps for the balls, training cones etc. Please contact us on +44(0)845 475 1281 if you would like to get involved.

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