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The Safari Hat Gang

The Rogue 301K Suede Breezy hat is popular with grown ups and kids alike. With sizes ranging from XS to XXL there’s a hat to fit everyone! The hat is soft and can fold flat for packing!

This gang were to be seen in Zimbabwe in August 2005 staying in a Zimbabwe government run “camp”. Back in 2005 it was very rustic with no locks on the cottage doors, no toilet seats and water heaters that did not actually heat the water!

Rogue Breezy hat gang

Rogue Breezy hat gang

No-one minded for a night as it was a special night…..Right behind the tree you can see in the picture whilst we were all sat only 8 metres away, three elephants trundled across the front of the cottage. AWESOME.

The Rogue breezy hats kept every-ones head cool in the hot day and pleasantly warm in the cooler evenings.

Goodness knows whether that place has survived 3 years on, but let’s hope we will all soon be able to return there and stay again soon.

A memorable night, with great photos of the whole team in Rogue breezy hats. Click to buy yours at

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